Annual Fee

May 16, 2018

Program Requirements

May 16, 2018

Program Annual Fee

May 12, 2021

In March, your program received an invoice by email for your programs annual dues for the 2021-2022 fellowship cycle. Payment should be received no later than July 1 and nonpayment may result in loss of compliance. The annual fee for a compliant program is $375.00 for up to two approved fellowship positions and $75.00 for each additional approved position. This fee is required annually for continued compliance even if you do not have a fellowship position for that year.

Pay  Options:

  • Pay Online: Invoices can be paid online. You will need the information in the invoice below to enter into the online form.
  • Pay by Check: Print the invoice from the email you received and mail your check with the invoice to:
    Dept. 34069
    PO Box 39000
    San Francisco, CA 94139

The AUPO FCC no longer sends paper invoices. If you have not received your invoice by email, contact staff at

Program Updates

Dec 12, 2019

We are almost at the halfway point for the 2019–2020 academic year. Fellows should be fully engaged in their program and learning process. This is a good time to review compliance requirements and if necessary, make adjustments. The AUPO FCC always encourages that Fellowship Directors log in to review, contact information, update the faculty roster and review your fellow’s surgical logs! Be sure that your program is achieving its goals in fellow education.

2017 Review Cycle

Jan 16, 2018

Updated AUPO FCC Website

Oct 30, 2017

Fellow and Program Verifications

Oct 30, 2017

New Program Applications

Oct 30, 2017

Program Requirement Reminders

Oct 30, 2017

2017 Exit Surveys and Triennial / Quadrennial Review

Nov 01, 2017