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The AUPO FCC is committed to the establishment and maintenance of standards for subspecialty fellowship training in ophthalmology. Medical Retina Fellowships are new to the AUPO FCC compliance process. Fellowship programs in Medical Retina provide a more focused and advanced level training in the diagnosis and management of medical disorders of the retina and vitreous.  The American Society of Retina Specialists (ASRS), Macula Society, and Retina Society support and endorse the fellowship training compliance program of the AUPO. Representatives of each of the vitreoretinal subspecialty societies and educational committees approved the initial guidelines for medical retina fellowship programs. These requirements serve as the basis upon which the AUPO FCC evaluates fellowship programs for compliance.  Ultimately, it is the intention of the compliance process to assure that fellows complete their fellowship program with competent training in preparation for providing safe and excellent medical care for our patients with vitreoretinal disease. The AUPO FCC process is designed to protect the integrity of our fellowship training process and to assure consistent high quality training in order for graduates to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to function as independent medical retina specialists in both academic and clinical practices.

The American Society of Retina Specialists (ASRS), Macula Society, and Retina Society remain intimately involved in the AUPO FCC process.  The subspecialty managers of the AUPO FCC are appointed by each subspecialty society and any changes in the training guidelines must be approved and endorsed by each society as a means of assuring continued support for the AUPO FCC compliance process.

Compliance with the AUPO FCC is a voluntary process with the goal to set a uniform educational standard, and protect the trainees, institutions and public. Fellows graduating from AUPO FCC compliant medical retina programs are required to complete an exit survey about their fellowship experience and each compliant fellowship undergoes a comprehensive review every 4 years by the AUPO FCC Review Committee to ensure that the program continues to be in compliance with the requirements for the medical retina subspecialty.

Fellowship programs in medical retina that wish to apply for AUPO FCC compliance can access the application on the AUPO FCC website in the New Program Applicants tab.  

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