The AUPO FCC, a Limited Liability Corporation, is a non-profit professional medical organization committed to the establishment of ophthalmology training standards in fellowship programs.

What's Happening

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, limited travel, social distancing, and other factors, the AUPO FCC would like all AUPO FCC programs to adhere to the following policy this interview season.

  1. Committing to online interviews and virtual visits for all applicants.
  2. Delayed opening of the fellowship application and match process
  3. Committing to transparency and enhanced communication among all stakeholders

Committing to online interviews and virtual visits: An eblast was sent to AUPO FCC fellowship directors, coordinators, and chairs strongly supporting this. This is due to limited travel or the inability to travel for many applicants due to COVID-19 institutional and other restrictions. This will enable a “level playing field” for all applicants.

In keeping with the timeline of the ophthalmology residency match, the Central Application Service (CAS) target date was July 22, the rank order due date is December 10 and the SF fellowship match date is December 17. We encourage fellowship directors to reach out to residency directors on an individual basis regarding applicants that may require any enhanced training during their fellowships. We also strongly recommend that fellowship programs do not use OKAP scores in their evaluation of applicants, as this is not the intent of the OKAP examination, and some applicants were not able to take the OKAPs this year. This is indicated at the AUPO FCC website and an email was sent about this.

It is that time for all AUPO FCC compliant programs to verify your new fellow(s). As part of the AUPO FCC compliance process and to remain a compliant program, all programs MUST verify your new fellows / compliant positions by Friday, September 18, 2020!

Contact staff at if you have any questions.