Guidelines for Compliant Logo Usage

AUPO FCC grants compliant programs a non-exclusive, non-transferable limited license to use the AUPO FCC Compliance logo for purchase on a one-time usage basis. Additional information regarding logo usage appears below. The terms and conditions of this logo usage are defined in the Logo Usage Agreement

Hard copy Logo request

Prior to use of the Logo, you will notify AUPO FCC of the paper document in which you intend to use the Logo and provide a sample and contact information for approval by AUPO FCC. If there are any updates to the document in which the Logo is used you will contact the AUPO FCC office by email (

Electronic copy Logo request

Prior to use of the Logo, you will notify AUPO FCC of the internet address where you intend to use the logo. This will be reviewed for approval by the AUPO FCC. Please provide a contact email for future communication. If your internet address or email address changes, you will notify AUPO FCC immediately by email. All notices to you under this Agreement will be sent to the email address provided by you.

You will be approved to:

  • Use the logo to promote AUPO FCC services
  • When use is for a website, the logo will always be an active link to AUPO FCC homepage

You will not be approved to: 

  • Redraw, re-color, scale, distort, or animate the Logo
  • Imitate the Logo in any other materials, including but not limited to advertising, product packaging, and promotional materials
  • Use the Logo in a manner that implies sponsorship or endorsement of any company, product, trademark, person, internet site, or service by the AUPO FCC, unless advance written authorization is provided by the AUPO FCC
  • Place Logo in proximity to any logos, advertising or sponsorship acknowledgements from commercial enterprises such as pharmaceutical companies