Oculofacial Plastic Surgery

Oculofacial Plastic Surgery

Oculofacial Plastic Surgeons are ABMS Board-certified ophthalmologists with additional training that provides skill and expertise on structures around the eye, including disorders of the eyelids, eye socket and tear drainage system and facial rejuvenation.

A two-year OPS fellowship provides specialized training for Board-certified ophthalmologists in eyelid, orbit, tear duct system and facial aesthetic and reconstructive surgery.  

Additional Information

If you’d like more information regarding OPS, please visit www.asoprs.org.

ASOPRS is dedicated to the health and beauty of the eyes and face. Founded in 1969, ASOPRS has over 750 US and international members in over 30 countries dedicated to the practice of OPS. ASOPRS members have completed an OPS fellowship training program, submitted scholarly research, and passed written and oral examinations.

ASOPRS establishes and maintain OPS training standards, which serve as the basis for the FCC to evaluate OPS Program Directors and fellowship programs for compliance. Compliance with the FCC is intended to ensure the integrity of the training process and that fellows graduate with high level skill and expertise to provide safe and excellent care for patients.

The OPS subspecialty managers of the AUPO FCC are appointed by ASOPRS and changes in the Program Requirements must be approved by ASOPRS.   

For more information please contact ASOPRS AUPO FCC representatives: Ken Morgenstern, MD and Reza Vagefi, MD at aupofcc@aao.org.

Prospective Fellows Information 

Application Information

Applications for the Oculofacial Plastic Surgery (OPS) is now open. The deadline to submit your application is June 18, 2023

OPS Applications.

Applicants should apply with full knowledge of the AUPO FCC Fellowship Program Requirements for OPS and Surgical Quotas. Please do not apply if these requirements cannot be met.