FCC Review Process

The review process is used to evaluate new program applications, triennial/quadrennial reviews, Exit Surveys and requests to change fellowship director and increase approved fellowship positions. These are first reviewed by the Subspecialty Managers who then make a recommendation to the AUPO FCC Review Committee.

The Review Committee is charged with reviewing programs on a triennial basis and through fellow exit surveys, to ensure that programs are deemed compliant under the subspecialty requirements. This is a voting based system and each program has the opportunity to appeal the decision if deemed necessary. 

Committee members may:

  • Approve: Program meets all requirements
  • Monitor: Approve with an annual evaluation due to minor issues
  • Hold: Suspend voting until clarification from program is received
  • Reject: Program does not meet requirements

If you have any questions regarding the review process please contact staff at aupofcc@aao.org.